Jenga metaphors abound

I’m very interested in how we use ( possibly overuse) metaphor to shape our thoughts. It’s a topic I touch upon in About Jenga in the lead up to discussing how Jenga itself has become a metaphor. When I put the game Jenga on the market, I had no idea that it would acquire a whole new meaning and become a metaphor, representing a kind of instability that I assume had never before been encapsulated in one word. Be that as it may, the fact is that, today, Jenga metaphors abound. Chapter 15

I go on to mention quite a comprehensive list of interesting examples I had come across  of Jenga  being used as a metaphor. But new ones keep popping up that I wish I had been able to include at the time.  I came across one such example today:

Writing, especially humor writing, is  a lot like the game Jenga.  You spend a lot of time building up and crafting just the right amount of words, put together in just the right way, all aimed at just the right pay-off, and all it takes is for some yahoo to come along and pull out one block in the wrong way and the whole damn thing comes tumbling down.  So I was a bit worried about whether the editor I would be working with on my book would want to have a lot of input on what I was writing, or whether he or she would take a “hands-off” approach.  Or at least understand my Jenga analogy. How to be a writer: Pick an editor with a sense of humor

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