Jenga & The Great Highland Bagpipe Competition?

The connection between a game of Jenga and the bagpipes may not be apparent, so let me explain. Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga, proudly sponsors the Scott-Vollrath Piobaireachd Trophy that is awarded to the winner of the Piobarieachd portion of the The Pipe-Major Sandy Jone Invitational competition held in Charleston South Carolina each year. Along with the award, the winning piper receives a game of Jenga.

So now you know!

But why Leslie, who lives in England and does not play the bagpipes, should sponsor this event in Charleston is another question. The answer to which may be garned when I let you in on a secret. Leslie has a bagpipe playing brother living in Charleston who, way back in 1983, helped herĀ  launch Jenga into the United States.

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