Amazing meeting Adrian Fisher, again.

Last week, at a Celebration of Mind gathering (hosted by Philip Sheppard and Tanya Thompson), I bumped into Adrian Fisher, the world’s leading maze designer – again.

Adrian thought we were meeting for the first time. But I recall clearly not only when we first met (circa 1989), but also how this meeting had inspired me to devise a board game that became an Oxford Games’ favourite, The Game of Garden Maze.

Here’s what I say in About Jenga (under the heading Mazes & Taverns) about Adrian and The Game of Garden Maze

‘ The idea for this game was sparked off by meeting the maze designer Adrian Fisher at the opening of the hedge maze he had designed and planted at Leeds Castle. Adrian, now regarded as one of the greatest maze designers of all times, had with his partner Randoll Coate led the resurgence of interest in labyrinths and mazes that resulted in dozens of new hedge, stone, and even mirror mazes popping up in private homes and public spaces around the globe. Our maze game, played out on a board illustrated as a seventeenth-century formal garden, incorporated a short history of the labyrinth written for us by Adrian Fisher.’




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